islamabad   -   Leonardo DiCaprio reveals in a new documentary series that he believes none of us will be ‘equal’ until we all vote. 

The 45 year old actor narrates the upcoming Whose Vote Counts, a joint production between Netflix and Vox Media, along with Selena Gomez and John Legend. DiCaprio reveals in a sneak peek from the show, where he explains why all Americans should vote, and how important it is this year. ‘In 1776, voting was a privilege, almost exclusively for white men with property,’ Dicaprio says in the clip. 

‘In the founding constitution, you will not find the right to vote. This right to vote has been a battlefield in American democracy,’ adds a black female voter. ‘If your vote didn’t matter, why the hell are so many systems and people trying so hard to prevent you from voting?” a Black male voter says, before it comes back to DiCaprio.