The Society For Human Salvation (SFHS) is an organisation of Civil Society. It represents an enlightened segment of society and follows universal human values, democracy and human rights. The SFHS welcomes the US government’s decision to opt for a diplomatic mission in Afghanistan. Indeed, with the passage of time, civil society emerged in Afghanistan and the world can kindle high hopes of better social relations between man and the man in Afghan society. 

We are joyfully confident that the USA will now clear the remains of two-decades-long prisons in Afghanistan with the spirit of tolerance and forgiveness. The international community and peace-loving masses of the world expect a general amnesty for the detainees and convicts including Dr Aafia Siddiqui imprisoned in USA jails will be freed on the humanitarian and compassionate cause. 

This act of benevolence will raise high the soft image of the United States. The Society For Human Salvation exclusively appeals to the President, Government and other institutions of the United States of America to accord sympathetic consideration of this mercy appeal to pardon and release Dr Aafia Siddiqui in the name of human dignity, honour and moral values.