ISLAMABAD    -  Pakistan People’s Party leader As­eefa Bhutto Zardari has become politically active amid floods while her brother Bilawal Bhutto Zardari - the PPP chief and the incumbent Foreign Minister - is abroad.

Aseefa, who is quite popular with the PPP workers, has been visiting the flood-hit areas and meeting the af­fectees. “Visited the Mother and Child Care Hospital Nawabshah, while re­sources are stretched and everyone is being pushed past their limits, the dedication of the doctors is highly commendable. In these incredibly try­ing times we must come together for those who need us,” she said in a tweet yesterday. Aseefa said she listened to the grievances of flood effectees. “They are understandably desperate for the water to leave so they can go back and rebuild their lives. Women and children are the most vulnerable, especially pregnant mothers that are due soon and newborns,” she added. The PPP leader mentioned that more than 8,000 animals died just in one district of Nawabshah. “Imagine the scale of the devastation. Livestock camps have been set up to vaccinate and treat livestock to try and prevent more loss,” she maintained.

She warned that malaria, skin dis­eases, gastro and dehydration had gone rampant in flooded areas. “I met with the selfless Drs, Lady Health Workers and volunteers in Daur (area), working tirelessly to help. They deserve both our appreciation and our assistance,” she said. Aseefa highlighted that the people had lost everything. “Their homes, their pos­sessions, their livelihoods, even their loved ones. These children deserve normal childhoods, free from the bur­den of more loss. We must ensure they are given that opportunity,” she said