ISLAMABAD    -  Re­nowned Shia cleric and philan­thropist Hafiz Basheer Hussain Najfi has issued a passionate ap­peal to the affluent people to come out for help of the flood affectees.

“Our country fellows are in dis­tress due to the recent floods and we all are aware of it. It is an ob­ligation for us to help those who have been affected by the devas­tating floods or any other calam­ity,” he said in his appeal issued here yesterday.

“Those among us who can af­ford to and who are affluent must come to assistance of the people of Pakistan in distress,” he added.

Hafiz Bashir Najfi moved from Lahore to Iraq for higher stud­ies in 1965 and became 12th Shia Marjah and one the of four Grand Ayatollah of Najaf, Iraq.

Over 1,600 people are killed, and 12,800 were injured in Pakistan’s monsoon-triggered flood since mid-June, 2,049,532 houses were destroyed and more and more local residents were displaced, accord­ing to the NDMA. Sindh province was the worst-hit region where 747 people were killed, followed by southwest Balochistan and north­west Khyber Pakhtunkhwa prov­inces which reported 323 and 306 deaths respectively.