LAHORE    -  Following a long-drawn discussion and bickering between the coalition partners, the Punjab gov­ernment on Wednesday finally constituted a one-man tribunal headed by Justice (Retd) Shabbar Raza Rizvi under section-3 of Punjab Tribunals of Inquiry Ordinance, 1969 to probe the May 25 inci­dents involving the brutal police action against the PTI leaders and activists who faced baton charge and arrests during the long march event. The PTI has been pushing hard to form a judicial commis­sion to fix responsibility for the incidents since as­suming power in Punjab for the second time. It has been demanding action against the Chief Secretary Kamran Ali Afzal (now on leave) and the then IGP Rao Sardar Ali Khan holding them responsible for taking ‘illegal orders’ from the PML-N government. But Punjab Chief Minister Ch Parvez Elahi, on the other hand, had been resisting the move fearing a backlash from the bureaucracy. He, however, gave a free hand to Home Minister Hashim Dogar to spearhead a punitive action against over three dozen SHO level police officers. Succumbing to the pressure from the PTI, the chief minister finally approved formation of a tribunal headed by a re­tired judge though the PTI wanted a serving judge to probe the incidents. It merits mention here that the move comes when the two officers, chief secre­tary and IGP whom the PTI had been blaming for orchestrating the whole operation against the par­ty activists have left Punjab refusing to work with the incumbent government. This tribunal would identify and glean facts along with identifying those responsible. Any citizen or affected person could record his/her statement before this tribu­nal about the incidents that occurred on May 25