ISLAMABAD    -   Pakistan Air Force yesterday con­ducted an operational air defence exercise focusing at fostering syn­ergy while considering future war­fare challenges. According to a state­ment issued by the PAF here, the aim of the exercise was to practice counter air operations in order to validate contemporary employment concepts. The exercise focused on integration of PAF and Pak Army air defence assets while training PAF operational crew to develop, prac­tice and validate tactics against en­visaged threats.

Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed Baber Sidhu, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force oversaw the op­erational PAF air defence exercise. 

On the occasion, the PAF chief as­sessed integration and synergistic employment of offensive and defen­sive forces in synergy with Army Air Defence in order to validate contem­porary employment concepts under near-realistic threat scenarios.

The PAF operational assets includ­ing fighter aircraft, air defense ele­ments, Force Multipliers and Battle Management Centers were also inte­grated in the exercise.

Earlier, the Chief of the Air Staff visited an operational base in the context of same exercise to assess the integration of newly acquired unmanned aerial system in the PAF’s operational construct. 

Highlighting the importance of UAS, he said, “The role of Unmanned Aerial Systems is becoming increas­ingly important for military con­flicts. UAS have assumed the lead role as force multipliers that could play a decisive role in the final out­come of modern day battles.”

He emphasized that PAF was ful­ly cognizant of the geo-strategic de­velopments in the region and is fully prepared to defend sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan.

“Our focus remains on operation­al excellence, continued modern­ization through smart inductions of cutting-edge niche technologies, ef­fect-based training and better hu­man resource development to be­fittingly address contemporary and future challenges,” he maintained