ISLAMABAD     -  Pakistan expects the world to ‘do more’ as the country fac­es destructive floods that have ruined the life and proper­ty. Although the internation­al aid, especially from China, the US, Europe and Arab coun­tries has been coming fast, Pa­kistan will need it for many months, maybe for years. Pa­kistani and foreign experts be­lieve the damage could be no less than $30 billion and could take years to repair. Pakistan was already reeling under an economic challenge when the floods struck a couple of months earlier. Pakistan had no time to react but the inter­national community rushed to help. United Nations chief Antonio Guterres and world leaders called for help. Most of them also sent aid to facili­tate the flood affectees. Yester­day, Foreign Minister Bilaw­al Bhutto Zardari said roughly 33 million people in Pakistan were displaced by the floods and were “truly paying in the forms of their lives and their livelihoods for the industrial­ization of other countries.” He added: “And justice would be that we work together glob­ally that we’re not left alone, to deal with the consequenc­es of this tragedy.” Unrelenting monsoon rains that scientists say are worsened by climate change have killed more than 1,600 people in Pakistan, caused tens of billions of dol­lars in damage and destroyed much of the country’s staple food and commercial crops.