KARACHI-The rulers are trying to gag the voice of people of Sindh, said Leader of Opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Shiekh here on Wednesday.

Addressing a crowded press conference in Sindh Assembly while being flanked by MPAs Raja Azhar, Ali Aziz GG, Shahnawaz Jadoon, and Dr Seema Zia, he said they tried to fright him by putting him in jail, but Allah, the Almighty, granted him further courage. He said that no one could gag the voice of people. He said Sindh was drowned into floodwater, but the PPP was trying to manage media and social media so that no one could raise voice against them.

Adil said that a terrorism case was lodged against a senior citizen in Naushehro Feroze because he dared to protesr. He said: “It is height of cruelty that in Sindh wheat flour is being sold at Rs120 per kilogramme. Advertisements of millions of rupees were issued for subsidised flour at Rs65 per kilogramme but this flour was available nowhere. He said a minister claimed that seven hundred stalls had been established for Sasta Atta. He said we got investigated it and knew that no one was willing to buy this substandard flour. He said the rulers were trying to put Rs26bn subsidy on wheat flour in their pockets, like tractor subsidy and Omni Group subsidy.

Haleem said that millions of flood affected people in Sindh are sitting under the open sky, but the relief aid had not reached to them. He said that the government had claimed that more than 300,000 tents, 2,800,000 mosquito nets, cooked food and other relief goods had been distributed among them but the facts ertr contrary to it. He said in audio leak of Nawaz Sharif, they talked about importing machinery from India. He said that they talked about ending health card, raising oil prices and instructions to chief election commissioner. He said it proved that chief election commissioner is disqualified. He said we demand a judicial commission on audio leaks. He said acting speaker of Sindh assembly formed a parliamentary committee to oversee distribution of relief goods and to turncoats Shaharyar Shar and Sachanand were made its members; however, no opposition member is included in the committee and we reject it. He said flood affectees of KP were rehabilitated in one week and flood affected people of Punjab within few weeks. He said the rulers want corruption in relief funds. He said due to corruption in Sindh irrigation department many towns of Sindh went drowned. He said if Manchhar Lake was opened at zero point ten days ago the damages would have been less. He said no one saw where 130 planeloads of relief goods were distributed. He asked where Rs 130 billion as claimed by Bilawal were spent. 

He said Murtaza Wahab is responsible for destruction of Karachi and the departments he is heading. He said tax collected from Karachi were embezzled. He said Karachi had been made an unhygienic city. 

He said street crimes were on the rise in the megacity. He said that additional IG had not got powers and the police was being managed by some other. On the occasion, Ali Aziz GG, Dr Seema Zia and others also spoke.