It would be a preposterous idea to think of expatriating PPP from Sindh. Sindhi people are playing second fiddle to the feudal without any second thought. They are fearlessly flaunting their barbaric and diabolic policy to quash and trample the voices of a throng of people. Landlords or tycoons just utter false and rhetorical statements during their election campaign (a quid pro quo and peerless task to ramp up their chances of securing seats in elections) to influence and manipulate the minds of the downtrodden Sindhi masses. 

There is no future for Sindhi people until they are tangled by the family politics or the status quo. The torpid souls of the people of Sindh wouldn’t be vivified until there is political awareness among them. 

Waderas are devouring Sindh miserably and embroiling our motherland in an untold, scathing and malicious state of affairs-- triggering unfathomable ramifications on Sindh. It is a wake-up call for Sindhi people to break the clutches of slavery. They must roar their voices in every corner of Sindh to secure their fundamental rights, such as the right to education, and the right to vote with free consent.