Govt stops issuing 100-page passport

The Government of Pakistan has stopped issuing 100-page passports and the passport office has also confirmed this update.

As per details, the issuance of the 100-page passport was stopped whereas the passport office said in a statement that they apologize to people for the inconvenience however this closure is temporary.

Earlier, following Islamabad, the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports under the Ministry of Interior began issuing e-passports from all passport offices across the country. In June, the federal government introduced e-passports.

According to the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports, the fee for 36 pages of passport for 5 years will be Rs9,000 and the fee for urgent e-passport will be Rs15,000.

The normal fee for a 72-page e-passport will be Rs 16,500 and for urgent Rs27,000. The normal fee for a 36-page passport for 10 years will be Rs13,500 and the urgent fee will be Rs22,500.

For 10 years, the normal fee of a 72-page passport will be Rs24,750 while the urgent fee will be Rs40,500. According to the schedule, normal passport fees will remain as before. The fees have come into effect from August 16.

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