PESHAWAR    -  Like other parts of the country, International Mutahida Ulama-o-Mashaikh Council here on Friday observed Al Quds day across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and expressed solidarity with Palestinians.

Mass rallies were carried out after Jumma prayer and condemned US decision to relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recent spate of killings of Palestinians by the Zionist Regime.

In this regard a protest rally was held on Sunehri Masjid road in which workers of political parties, religious groups and human rights organisations participated.

They were holding banners inscribed with slogans in support of Palestinians and denounced the Zionist aggression against Palestine.

During rallies angry protestors also torched US and Zionist regime flags and chanted slogans against them. Special prayers were offered at mosques for liberation of Palestine.

The religious scholars in their speeches on the occasion said that Bait-ul-Muqaddas is common heritage of the Muslims which has been under illegal occupation of the Zionist forces.

They also condemned Zionists’ brutality against Palestinians and said that the struggle of Muslims will continue till the abolition of the discriminatory policies towards Muslims.

Chairman Ulama-o-Mashaikh Council Allama Muhammad Shoaib, Sahibzada Mehmood ul Hassa, Maulana Muhammad Ullah, Allama Shabbir ul Hassan and others urged OIC to play its imperative role in freedom of Palestine.

They also assured to support Pak Armed Forces in war against terrorism and extremism. On the occasion special prayers were offered for sovereignty, stability and security of the country.