LAHORE  -   Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Muntazir Mehdi Friday said that under the “Women on Wheel Project”, the traffic police are training women to ride motorcycles. “So far, more than 30,000 women have been trained to ride motorcycles while the 65th batch of women training is being trained at Women on Wheel School LOS near Rescue Academy,” he said. Mehdi added that the empowered women would bring positive change in the society. “The aim of Women on Wheel Project is to make women more confident and independent. The role of men as well as women is very important for social development,” he pointed out. “Besides, six driving schools have also been established in Lahore in collaboration with City Traffic Police and Tevta. Only women are being trained to drive at Driving School Singhpura and Driving School Gulberg, while Women on Wheel School LOS is being trained to drive only motorbikes,” he stated. “Free driving licenses are also issued to women at the end of the course. Citizens can call on helpline 15 for admission in driving schools or may get help from Rasta App,” he urged.

The CTO said that empowerment of women was very important for the development of the country.