Parvez Elahi, 19 others booked under terrorism charges after police raid on his residence

Workers of Parvez Elahi pelted the police with stones and attacked them with sticks

LAHORE    -    A case has been registered against former Chief minister Punjab and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf president Parvez Elahi and 19 others under 13 different sections of the anti-teeroism act in the case lodged on the complaint of Anti-Corruption Establishment in Lahore’s Ghalib Market police station. According to the FIR, Ch Parverz Elahi and his 19 servants have been booked on charges of terrorism, attempted murder, pelting stones and petrol bombs on the policemen during the raid on Elahi’s Zahoor Elahi Road residence. The FIR further states that the anti-corruption team raid­ed Parvez Elahi’s house to arrest him, but petrol bombs and water were thrown on the raiding team with the intention to set them on fire. The workers of Parvez Elahi pelted the police with stones and attacked them with sticks while Parvez Elahi took advantage of the situation and escaped through the back door along with his em­ployees. On the other hand, Parvez Elahi’s family has approached the court against the police operation. Parvez Elahi’s son Rasakh Elahi Sat­urday filed a petition in the Lahore High Court against the police opera­tion. The Punjab government, anti-corruption establishment and IG Punjab have been made parties in the case. It has been argued in the petition that the court had granted bail to Parvez Elahi in the anti-corruption case till May 6, so the raid on the house was illegal and a violation of fundamental rights.It has been further stated in the petition that apart from this case, if any FIR was registered, it should be produced before the court. In the petition, the petitioner has sought court orders to clear the Zahoor Elahi Road for traffic and instructions to the police to desist from arresting Parvez Elahi until the interim bail expires. Earlier, on late Friday night, the police and a team of anti-corruption establishment raided Parvez Elahi’s house, but they failed to arrest him in an operation which lasted over eight hours. The police left Elahi’s residence at around 5:30 am on Saturday morning. An armored ve­hicle broke the door of the house and entered his residence as the police managed to arrest around 25 employees including women. The policemen jumped over the walls and entered the house and broke the inner entrance door and also broke the windows. Chaudhry Za­hoor Elahi Road outside the house of Chaudhry Parvez Elahi was also blocked by the police be­fore starting the opera­tion. The police, howev­er, could not find the PTI leader at home and after 8 hours long operation, the anti-corruption team along with police left empty handed. Anti-cor­ruption officials said that during the search, Parvez Elahi was not found in the house although the location of the mobile phone of the former chief minister showed that he was present in the house. In their quest to arrest Ch Parvez Elahi, the police also attempted to enter Ch Shaujat’s residence as anti-corruption offi­cials believed that Parvez Elahi was hiding in Shujaat’s house to avoid arrest. During a police raid Ch Sha­faat’s hand was injured as the police shattered the glass of the entrance door. The police broke the door of Ch Shujaat’s house and reportedly also tortured federal minister Ch Salik, Ch Shafaat and ransacked the house. On inquiry and introduc­tion, the police asked Ch Salik and Ch Shafi to leave the house, while both of them told that they had no connection with Parvez Elahi. The police team, however, remained ada­mant and made it clear that they will not leave without a thorough search. The police searched the houses of Ch Pervaiz Elahi, Ch Wajahat, Ch Rasakh Elahi, Ch Shujaat but they could not find the PTI president. Later, the lady police were sent to the houses for a detailed search, and they too faced resistance from the inmates. Earlier, the anti-corruption team said that they were here to ar­rest Parvez Elahi in the case filed in Gujranwala on 23/6. Parvez Elahi’s lawyer, Nader Dogal said that the case was registered in Anti-Corrup­tion Gujranwala, while the court has already granted protective bail to Parvez Elahi till May 6 in the case.

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