DR Abdul Qadeer Khan is finally a free citizen. The present government had lifted curbs on his movement, including house arrest, but the arrangement for his security were not quite acceptable to him. The official protocol and the security cordon around his house made him feel as if he were still being held captive, the reason why he turned to a court of law to secure what he would consider real freedom. He complained to the court that he was still under house arrest, there were restrictions on his movement and more often than not the official protocol decided where he could go, something that was a violation of his fundamental rights as a citizen. It is comforting to learn that Dr Khan has assured the court that he would allow the government to take basic measures for his security and at the same time he would voluntarily be informing the authorities about his movements. This is good for his own well being as there are elements out there to harm him for his role in enabling the country to become a nuclear power and alleged involvement in proliferation. Dr Khan understands very well that since the nuclear programme is a part and parcel of national security and information on it is highly classified it is imperative to be circumspect in utterances. The freedom granted to him by the Lahore High Court saddles him with the responsibility to be on guard about his safety and the authorities to provide him due security without giving him the feeling that he remains a captive.