NEW DELHI (Online/AFP) - Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh said on Saturday that relations with Pakistan are currently not conducive for the two sides to have talks at any level. Until relations between India and Pakistan dont improve and brotherhood does not increase, the atmosphere is not right for moving ahead, Singh said on the sidelines of a function in Barmer, Rajasthan, PTI reported. Asked why the relations between the two neighbours were not improving, he said, there are some forces in that country also, I dont want to say that. Singh did not elaborate. I want our relations to improve...If relations between India and Pakistan improve, a lot of things can happen. I think border states like Punjab, Rajasthan and other states will benefit if relations improve, he told a select group of reporters in Barmer during a brief visit. He was responding when asked why the Indo-Pak Thar Express did not have stoppage at Barmer. Singh dismissed doubts raised recently about the success of the countrys nuclear tests in 1998. Indian nuclear scientist S Santhanam, who was a director for 1998 nuclear test site preparations, has claimed that the tests were only partially successful and the results were much weaker than what was claimed at the time. He said the explosions did not yield the desired results as the thermonuclear device tested was a fizzle. The statement triggered controversy over Indias nuclear capability but Indias former president APJ Abdul Kalam, who headed the nuclear programme, said the May 1998 Pokhran tests were successful. A wrong impression has been given by some scientists which is needless. Kalam has clarified that the tests were successful, Singh told reporters. The tests involving five nuclear devices were conducted by India in May 1998 at the Pokhran test range, an isolated region in the desert state of Rajasthan. Monitoring Desk adds: India will not be sending foreign secretary Nirupama Rao for talks with Pakistan ahead of External Affairs Minister S M Krishnas meeting with his Pakistani counterpart in New York, and nor will India resume the stalled composite dialogue with Pakistan just now. We will not resume the composite dialogue until we see concrete evidence that Pakistan has acted against terrorism in a manner that we feel comfortable, Indian National Security Advisor M K Narayanan said in an exclusive chat with The Times of India. When asked the Pakistan-India joint statement at Sharm el-Sheikh delinked dialogue from action on terrorism, apart from a controversial reference to Balochistan and whether that was a departure from Indias stance, he replied, It doesnt delink. Thats a wrong reading of the document. Its possible that somebody may read it that way but thats certainly not the intention. I dont think there has been any change in our position. There was a reference to Balochistan in the document because it found a mention in the discussions. Its possible that someone could read a meaning into it. I dont think there is any particular meaning.