I wonder why all this hype is being created about Army's role in Musharraf's trial? Why have we become so ignorant that we have put aside all our other pressing problems and started on useless harangues on this issue? There is no dearth of 'analysts' in our country; every Tom, Dick and Harry is an 'expert' having a two-bit opinion on every issue. The government need not indulge them too much. It should make one clear decision on the issue and be firm on it. If the government has no skeletons in its cupboard, it is in a position to hold Musharraf accountable. In that case, it need not even fear the Army. It is being said that Gen Kayani will bat for Musharraf if he is put under trial. I believe if the government is firm in its decision, it should not have any fears regarding Army's reaction. No matter what the decision be, I am confident the COAS would rise to the occasion and steer the Army in the right direction. Speculation about General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani's role actually betray the weakness of the rulers themselves. -AYESHA MAZHAR, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, August 21.