Disabled guidance system at bus stops

KARACHI: City Nazim Mustafa Kamal has waived off the fares for disable persons in recent, however, the Europe-like information system for disabled community at bus terminals is yet to grab any attention by the CDGK. The electronic passenger information system for disabled persons has been established in all the big cities of Europe, as about 40 such stations of such type have been established in number of European cities. The CDGK took the credit by introducing the e-ticketing system in its recently launched CNG bus service. Whereas, well-designed and equipped ticket offices were also established on two routes of the newly launched CNG buses, however, no step was taken in this regard. Karachi is a fast developing City in the world and CDGK often claimed that Karachiites would soon get the facilities like European cities. Disable community is one of the most neglected segments of our society and their traffic-related problems are very sensitive and needed to be addressed. The recent announcement by the City nazim Mustafa Kamal to waive off the fares of disabled persons has increased the prestige of CDGK. And if CDGK includes participation of such neglected segments of our society in its important projects, then it would provide a helping hand to resolve the much-awaited issues of the disabled community. In greater cities all over the Europe, almost all the public traffic stations are equipped with electronic passenger information system. With the display, a wide range of important and helpful information can be transmitted to the passengers such as name and number of incoming lines, expected arrival time, which number is actually at the station, information about detours, roadworks or failures, and other text information transmitted by the central office for people with no visual defect. Blind and visual handicapped people, who are in more urgent need, do not have this information at their disposal. As a rule, this group is dependent on public traffic and therefore, especially for them, the information should be available. An electronic voice output at the stations reproducing the written information can take remedial action. The voice output has to be activated by the already existing transmitter that also activates the acoustic signals of traffic lights. In addition, it should be possible to activate the system by a special button on the case. The voice output has to be loud and clear and adapted to the surrounding noise. The voice output should be erected near the specially marked area where the blind used to go. It is regretted that in Pakistan not even a single step has been taken to address the problems of disable and blind people as far as their transportation problem is concerned. Neither in such a big City like Karachi nor in Lahore or Islamabad has the display information system of public traffic for disable community so far. Millions of disabled persons are living across the country but their problems did not consider in any policy and planning of federal and provincial governments. If CDGK in Karachi invite private sector to install a mechanism or machinery at some stations to provide help to the disable people, it would be really encouraging for the disabled community. Whereas, advertising companies can also advertise their products at the designated places.

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