ISLAMABAD (APP) - Post 9/11 situation that marked global alliance against terrorism triggered militancy in Pakistan on unprecedented scale which, besides many other sectors of life took serious toll on its fabulous tourism sector. To add further to the woes of fledgling tourism industry came the October 2005 devastating earthquake that crippled this once most flourishing business to the extent it would take years, perhaps decades, to fully revive. Salman Javed, ex- Joint Secretary General of South Asia Tourism Association and former Managing Director, Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation said this at an Iftaar-Dinner, which he hosted diplomats, prominent personalities from non-governmental bodies, Adventure Foundation, UN and representatives of the electronic and print media. He drew the attention of the gathering towards the need for launching a drive by all segments of society for the revival of tourism sector in the country. He identified, the earthquake of 2006, and the destruction caused by the activities of miscreants in the various tourist receiving areas, as main reasons for derailment of tourism industry, which is capable of serving as an engine for eradication of poverty-the main cause of spread of destructive activities in Pakistan. The former MD PTDC tourism being labour intensive industry could create immense jobs, especially for youths provided its is driven in rights direction. Called for concerted efforts for skill development, he informed that his proposal to consider tourism projects under the ONE UN Program, is also in the pipeline. He urged the donor agencies to assist in the capacity building in the tourism/hospitality sector, particularly in Swat/Malakand, Gilgit/Skardu, Chitral and Bagh district so that by the time complete normalcy returns to these destinations they also have built up capacity in HR, IT and in the form of upgraded infrastructure to welcome domestic and international tourists. He urged upon all segments of society, particularly the media, to join hands for taking initiative and launching movement for sustainable efforts for promotion of tourism in Pakistan.