OF late, Prime Minister Gilani has been highlighting the need to uproot corruption from society. While on a visit to the office of the auditor general of Pakistan, he publicly stated that he himself was ready to face accountability. But PML-Q leader Faisal Saleh Hayat is little impressed. He has challenged Mr Gilani to a public debate where he says he will make mincemeat of his claims that the government is being run in a transparent manner. Somehow, perception that corruption has seeped down to all levels of governance has gained currency. Broadly speaking, the conduct of the government is grist to the mill floating stories about financial shenanigans and scams driving people into believing that the government is corrupt. There is not just Pakistan Steel Mills or PIA but a number of government departments and institutions that are suffering from the scourge. A genuine effort to eradicate corruption, however, must be backed by an independent and powerful accountability body able to fight corruption wherever it finds. And the traditional practice of accountability authorities to let big fishes off the hook has to be abandoned.