LAHORE (NNI) - Chairman Indus Water Basin Council and Chief Coordinator of International Water Assembly Hafiz Zahur-ul-Hasan Dahar has said that India will soon launch a big water attack on Pakistan. Addressing a news conference here on Saturday, he quoted the spokesman of International Financial Agency as saying that India would soon launch a big water attack against Pakistan. A thank tank of the US Secret Agency also confirmed the Indian planning to turn the Pakistani rivers into desert. India at the behest of USA is planning to construct dams on all the rivers which flow into Pakistan. Hafiz Zahur said the Indian Secret Agency, RAW, with the cooperation of Israeli Agency, Mosad, had been concentrating its network of terrorism in Pakistani areas. He said Black Water, an Indian terror organisation headed by RAW was working in Pakistan. Some 1,000 people of Black Water are working in Islamabad, 500 each in NWFP, Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab. They are recruiting youngsters from different areas of Pakistan. He said our establishment and private multinational companies were also involved in this conspiracy which was dangerous for the integrity and sovereignty of the country. Hafiz Zahur said that Black Water had also established a training centre near Terbala. He urged for evolving a new national policy. He said India was utilising 80,000 cusec water of River Chenab and 100,000 cusec water of River Indus. He said there were confirmed reports that India will take full control over Pakistani rivers of Chenab, Jhelum and Indus by 2014.