MUMBAI - Two years back, when the first IPL auction took place, the Kolkata Knight Riders, and Shahrukh Khan in particular, had shown a great interest in Pakistani pace bowler Shoaib Akhtar. That Shoaib didn't live up to his expectations is another matter altogether. Even Wasim Akram, inarguably the greatest left arm pace bowler in the history of the game, has shown interest to coach the KKR in the 2010 IPL edition. Now it seems that SRK - Pakistan connection may add a new chapter in its partnership with Maqbool "Max" Babri, a clinical psychotherapist and hypnotist throwing his hat into the ring. "Max" Babri has evinced interest to be the team's 'mental' coach and 'thought' manager for the coming season of the IPL. In a letter to the prinicipal owner SRK and the likely KKR captain Sourav Ganguly's elder brother Snehashish, "Max" states: "I will very much like to be a part of your team as a thought manager and mind coach. People think I am a magician, but I must confess that I am not a magician but certainly what I do appears to be like magic and transforms people to really excel in what they do and makes them happy and buoyant." Interestingly, Max Babri had predicted that Pakistan will win this year's T 20 WC prior to their departure after having worked for them for just 6 days. He inferred this after seeing the changes in the players' body language and their performance during his training sessions with them. Babri was trained in Pakistan, Sweden and the USA as a psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and a life skills coach. Maqbool "Max" Babri was appointed by the Pakistan Cricket Board to help players cope up with pressure and perform well in the World T20 Cup in England and is regarded highly by Geoff Lawson, the ex-Pakistan coach, who described him as a 'terrific asset' to the team and "Max" Babri returns the compliment by giving Lawson's reference to SRK and Snehashish Ganguly in his letter.