ISLAMABAD (APP) - Though celebrated with much pump and show, the Environment Ministry is yet to compile the final data of tree plantation on National Tree Plantation Day. Charged with the slogans and renewing the commitment to make country greener, the planters coming from different strata of life, planted trees across the country. Environment Ministry had set the target to plant 11 million saplings on August 18, the National Tree Plantation Day. This target was one fourth of the overall target of around 44 million saplings, set for the Monsoon Tree Plantation Campaign. But, unfortunately the Ministry is yet to compile the final data of tree plantation, even after two weeks as to how much maximum trees were planted on the Day. The only figure revealed so far was the one by Environment Minister Hamidullah Jan Afridi on floor of National Assembly just two days after August 18 - National Tree Plantation Day. The minister had informed that only 5.8 million trees were reportedly planted on the National Tree Plantation Day. Though, he had stated that figure from number of areas were yet awaited and was hopeful that the target would possibly be met. But, going by this figure meant that the Ministry fell far short of meeting the target. The officials at the Ministry whenever contacted just pleaded that they were waiting the data from different areas. What we have or what the Minister had stated on the floor of the House, was the last authentic figure, we had received from provinces, these officials said. It was astonishing why still the data could not be collected for a countrywide and national level campaign, carried out by all stakeholders in different and even the remotest parts of the country. Compilation of authentic data is also essential for the credibility of the Ministry as all stakeholders were waiting for the final figure of tree plantation. After, the Environment Ministry won accolades for the country by setting new Guinness World Record of tree plantation, its activities in the forestry sector was also keenly viewed in the region and internationally. Coming to limelight after taking strides in the area is an honour, but to continue with its credibility will remain a challenge for the Ministry, if the collection of data is delayed in this very case and in other areas as well.