LAHORE - The non-availability of sugar at almost all Sasta and Ramazan Bazaars has further increased the miseries of the people, as they failed to purchase subsidised sugar despite waiting for many hours in long queues to make their Iftar and sehri sweet. As long as CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif paid visit to Sasta bazaars over the last some days, sugar remained available but the day he went out of the City, sugar disappeared from bazaars all of sudden. Acute sugar shortage in the City has also created difficulty for the management of Sasta and Ramazan Bazaars to cater to the needs of a growing number of consumers. An air of uncertainty also has prevailed in City, as TMOs are unable to give accurate information about the next arrival of sugar to the consumers. According to survey, Sasta Bazaars established in Begum Kot faced acute shortage of sugar despite the fact that stalls were set up, staff was on duty and banners were hanging over to attract the customer about the subsidised sugar. The jittery consumers after their prolonged wait in the long queues reacted with hostility when they were denied the commodity on the plea of short supply by the Sasta Ramazan Bazaars administration in different areas. An official of the Market Committee admitted about inflated demand of sugar at all Sasta bazaar. He said daily supply of each bazaar continue to be around 200 bags against the demand of 500 bags, as a result, staff of the Sasta Bazaars have to bear the brunt of consumers outrage specially when they are unable to purchase the sugar. He said that the prevailing situation is unlikely to improve in coming days unless quota of all outlets is made doubled which may help bridging the demand and supply gap. Since the last four days, I have been coming to Ramazan bazaar to buy sugar, but have been returning empty handed due to the non-availability of it, said a frustrated consumer, Muhammad Bilal while visiting the Ramazan Bazaar at Begum Kot. The Sasta Bazaars were set up by the government with the sole objective of provision of commodities to general consumers but on the contrary it has failed to help them claimed an enraged person who also failed to get sugar even after waiting in long queues for many hours. At another enraged buyers blamed the government for its failure to provide essential commodities to the public saying their squeezing purchasing powers restrict them from buying even one kg of the sugar.