LONDON (Online) - Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said Pakistan and Afghanistan can get rid of the terrorism very soon if they adopt a joint strategy, adding the recent military operation in Swat is a success and as a result the Taliban are in a disarray. Taliban have been disintegrated in Pakistan and the 2nd tier leadership of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups are fleeing Pakistan, he said during an interview with a British TV channel on Saturday. According to Rehman, the government has complete database of people in Swat, Buner, Lower Dir and other areas and those who had returned to their homes after being displaced, are providing information to the government about the suspected persons, their arms storages and secret hideouts. He expressed the hope that after the participation of common men in the war on terror, terrorists could not regroup again, however, the government was watching the situation closely. Replying to a question about the new chief of Tehreek-e-Taliban Hakimullah Mehsud, he said Hakimullah was working for Al-Qaeda and earning money and, therefore, the western countries need to not to show concerns over the issue. Malik said, terrorists had no religion and it was not important for us who leads them but we are committed to take strict action against them. The 2nd tier leadership of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups are fleeing Pakistan and moving towards Yemen and Somalia, he added. In reply to a question about Afghanistan, he said Pakistan respects the results of presidential elections in Afghanistan and the govt would work with the man who wins the polls. Secure Afghanistan guarantees secure Pakistan, Malik remarked. He said if Hamid Karzai was elected again as the president, Pakistan would try to develop strong relations with him, as better results had emerged out of the talks held between the both countries on several issues recently.