My dear Mr Jaswant Singh Why don't you leave Mr Jinnah to history rather than try to cast him in a certain mould through your dubious remarks? Whether he was secular or not is none of your business. Have you got free from your own internal issues? You have a truckload of problems in your native India. The worst is degradation of morality and customs. I guess a man of your status and experience should instead turn towards doing something about your own serious issues so that Kashmir is, finally, settled Mizos are sorted out and Tamils chilled out. We may have failed insofar as the governance is concerned, but we can take care of our Quaid. Do not attempt to mislead our youth with your hypocritical and self-serving views. Pakistan is a reality now and Jinnah, not Nehru, made it so. -A JINNAH LOVER, Lahore, via e-mail, August 22.