Polyclinic formally seeks possession of Argentina Park

ISLAMABAD After getting in-principle approval from the Premier, the Federal Government Services Hospital (Polyclinic) has asked the Capital Development Authority in writing to hand over the legal possession of Argentina Park adjacent to the hospital. Almost six years ago the Polyclinic administration decided to shift its building from current location to the adjoining Argentina Park as having capacity of almost 550 beds the hospital was left with no space for expansion. But the issue of expanding hospital building remained pending for years as CDA was not in favour of this idea and it proposed two other sites for relocating the hospital. The idea was turned down as to shift hospital to theses sites was not feasible and it was last year that CDA board approved the allocation of about two and a half acres. The current building of the hospital is two stories and according to the plan the new building would be a five-storey building having six blocks later the old building would be also demolished and few blocks would also be established there. The hospital administration requested CDA to get land of the adjoining Argentina Park as it was not easy to demolish the current building of the hospital and reconstruct an other one, as it will take five to ten years. On the other hand the plan to construct new building at the place of Argentina park without demolishing the old building is much convenient both for the hospital administration and to the large number of patients as well. According to the sources the basic idea of shifting the building of this hospital was to improve the services as with every passing day the number of patients is increasing with the increasing population of federal capital and with this two storey building it is difficult to provide better health facilities to the patients. According to the hospital administration daily 5,000 to 6,000 patients are treated only in the main OPD of hospital. So with every passing day it was being difficult to manage such a large number of patients, so it was decided to the hospital expansion project was proposed. Polyclinic was established in 1966 having capacity of 50 beds so now with the same building it has almost 550 beds.

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