The fishing sector has been destroyed in the flood-stricken districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to the preliminary report of the Fisheries Department received on Tuesday, the fishing sector in Chitral, Dir Bala, Swat, Shangla, Kohistan and Mansehra was damaged which due to the recent catastrophic floods in the province. Because of the calamitous flood, the fishing sector had to face a loss of more than Rs1.82 billion.

In the report, it was also mentioned that more than Rs20 million were lost due to the destruction of fish farms in Chitral, While due to the destruction of farms in Swat there was a loss of more than Rs1.35 billion. More than 250 private fish farms were also destroyed in Swat, while one public and nine private farms in Shangla were also destroyed.

As per the report, eight private farms including hatchery nursery unit in Kohistan, while 25 private farms including one government hatchery in Mansehra and 20 private farms including the government hatchery in Dir Bala were completely destroyed.