LAHORE     -    Former Punjab Chief Min­ister Hamza Shehbaz Sharif and other PML-N lead­ers have denounced the PTI leader Shaukat Tarin’s leaked telephonic conver­sation with finance minis­ters of the Punjab and KPK provinces purportedly ask­ing them about writing a letter to the federal govern­ment expressing inability to fulfil an IMF condition for the surplus budget for the next fiscal year. 

“Shaukat Tarin’s talk with Taimur Jhagra and Mohsin Leghari has revealed a scan­dalous conspiracy [against the state]”, Hamza Shehbaz said in a statement issued here by the party’s media wing. Hamza alleged that a party [the PTI] raised on the foreign funding was en­gaged in activities aimed at hollowing out the roots of Pakistan. “The IMF program is very important for Paki­stan’s economy. Those plot­ting against it are not sincere with Pakistan”, he remarked, adding that Imran Niazi also played politics on national tragedy like floods. 

“Imran Niazi wants anar­chy, sedition and corruption within the state of Pakistan. It was during his tenure that Pakistan’s relations with all friendly countries became worse”, he observed. He al­leged that the PTI chief and his disciples wanted to make Pakistan suffer from Sri Lan­ka-like conditions. “Imran Ni­azi thinks if he is not in pow­er, he would not mind if an atomic bomb is dropped on the country. People around Imran should also think why they are becoming part of the anti-Pakistan game”, he averred. Also, the PML-N’s Punjab spokesperson Azma Zahid Bukhari said that Shaukat Tarin and Mohsin Leghari’s audio call had left no doubt in anybody’s mind that the PTI was working on an anti-national agenda.

She termed the move an “internal conspiracy” against the country to make it bank­rupt and likened it with Shah­baz Gill’s statement about in­citing rebellion at the behest of Imran Khan. “They want to make a country bankrupt which gave them everything”, she said, adding that Shaukat Tarin called Mohsin Leghari and Taimur Jhagra on Imran Khan’s request. She said the government had been con­tinuously negotiating with the IMF for three months to put the economy back on the right track, but Imran Khan was trying to turn Pakistan into Sri Lanka under a well thought out conspiracy.