Price hikes in electricity bills

The increasing price of electric­ity constitutes a governance and fiscal problem for which suc­cessive governments bear respon­sibility. On one hand, the ruling classes have relied on heavy indi­rect taxes on fuel and power bills to fund the state’s expanding ex­penditures rather than effectively taxing powerful lobbies like retail­ers, real estate, and agriculture due to their political influence.

On the other hand, they have failed to implement energy sec­tor reforms to control the growing theft and losses in the power and gas sectors. Instead, they have opt­ed to periodically increase prices to recover lost revenues from hon­est customers. It is evident that es­calating fuel and energy costs are causing considerable hardship to working-class and salaried house­holds, as well as industries.

Furthermore, inflation, deemed the most regressive tax on middle-income families, remains elevated at over 28 percent. Fuel and food prices have been particularly harsh, affecting tens of millions of people who are struggling to survive. Un­able to cope with the rising cost of living, which exacerbates societal inequalities, many are willing to risk their lives to leave the country.

I urge our leaders to recognise that people cannot live in this country if they cannot find ways to sustain their lives. In this context and amidst high inflation, people are compelled to seek opportuni­ties in other countries.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt