AUCKLAND         -             Paintings by Chinese peasants featuring Chinese rural life and culture were appreciated in the Silk Road Shaanxi Farmer Painting Exhibition held in Auckland on Saturday, offering New Zealand public a great opportunity to explore the unique culture in Shaanxi, China.

Over 200 New Zealand local residents and guests observed the exhibition, which featured 108 paintings by peasant artists from Shaanxi province and 60 calligraphy and painting artworks by New Zealand artists.

The exhibition was co-organised by the New Zealand China Silk Road Chamber of Culture & Commerce Association, Shaanxi Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Shaanxi Peasant Painting Association.

Dr. Jian Yang, New Zealand member of parliament, highlighted the importance of cultural exchange between China and New Zealand. “New Zealand is a multicultural society with a Chinese population of approximate 250,000.

More Chinese visitors are welcomed and further cultural exchanges are encouraged in New Zealand,” said Jian Yang.

“Through the colorful paintings exhibited here, the peasant artists have vividly showcased their daily life and their pursuit for better life,” said the MP.

“Shaanxi peasants painting displayed the beauty of Chinese peasants’ daily life, bringing the scenic landscapes of Shaanxi Province to New Zealand,” Juyi Yu, Chairman of New Zealand China Silk Road Chamber of Culture and Commerce Association, said at the exhibition.