Hameed Haroon, the CEO of the Dawn News media house, responded to the allegation of rape by filmmaker Jamshed “Jami” Mehmood late on Monday.

Haroon rejected Jami’s accusation, saying: “I categorically deny the allegation of rape leveled against me by Jami Raza. The story is simply untrue and intentionally fabricated“.

Haroon also stated that the only instance he had ever been to Jami’s residence was to condole the death of his father many years ago.

In its own reporting of the case, Dawn has attached a note from the editor stating that an “independent inquiry” will be conducted by the organization against Haroon.

In his statement, Haroon has stated legal action will be initiated against Jami for attempting to defame him. Jami has not, at the time of writing, shared if he will be taking legal action.