ISLAMABAD           -             The efforts of Islamabad police to control narcotics business and its use seem to have failed as over 1300 cases of drugs have been registered in Islamabad during the outgoing year 2019, according to the official data.

The Islamabad police registered a total of 137 drugs-related cases during the month of December alone.

According to the details, Shahzad Town police registered 6 cases of drugs business, Nilore 9, Secretariat 9, Sabzi Mandi 4, Aabpara 12, Golra 9, Ramana 8, Noon 6, Lohi Bher 10, Tarnol 13, Sihala 4, Banigala 4, Khanna 12, Koral 6, Kohsar 4, Bhara Kahu 8, Karachi Company 5, Shalimar 4, Margalla 1, Industrial Area 1 and Shams Colony police 2 cases during the first 27 days of December 2019. The situation can be interpreting both the ways; either the drugs business in the capital has got a boom or the police have become more efficient and active against the drug-peddlers as they apprehended over 150 drug-peddlers in the month.

The federal government had announced a ‘comprehensive’ campaign to eradicate the use of drugs among the youth. However, the areas in Islamabad as Tarnol, Aabpara and Khanna are apparently the focus of drug mafia, reveal the statistics.

At Tarnol police station, 39 such cases were registered in 2015, 55 in 2016, 135 in 2017 and the number shot up to 151 in 2018. Situation at Aabpara police station is not different from this. As many as 117 FIRs were lodged in the police station in 2018. The police had got leads regarding the involvement of some students who supply drugs to the students at educational institutions. A campaign was launched to curb the crime.

Islamabad police yesterday arrested 10 persons in its crackdown against criminal elements and recovered narcotics, a stolen car, gold ornaments, cash, mobile phnones and weapons from their possession.

The Aabpara police arrested Irfan Masih and recovered 10-liter wine from him. Bara Kahu police arrested 2 accused; Zeshan Ali and Faizan, and recovered 2 pistols from their possession. The police recovered one 30-bore pistol from the possession of arrested accused Hamza Jahangir. CIA police arrested a thief and recovered stolen cash, a mobile phone, gold ornaments from him. The police arrested a drug-pusher Muhammad Imran and recovered 1.215 kilogram hashish from him. Khanna police arrested 3 accused including Fazal Muhammad, Abdul-Rehman and Abdul Aziz and recovered three 30-bore pistols along with ammunition from their possession.

Lohi Bher police arrested one Waqas and recovered 550-gram hashish from him. On a safe city call, a police team took prompt action and recovered a stolen car bearing registration No LEB-4622. Cases have been registered against these nabbed persons and further investigation is underway.