Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Monday asked Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz spokespersons to criticize “London shelter homes” instead of targeting shelter homes set up by PTI government for the poor , which showed their animosity towards poor segments of the society.

In a tweet, she said that in biting cold, provision of shelter to homeless people was manifestation of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s feelings for them .The SAPM said that in “Naya Pakistan” the state has taken responsibility to provide shelter and meals to the poor people.

Firdous said that welfare of humanity was motto of the life of Prime Minister Imran Khan and he has been taking steps for the betterment of the weaker segments of the society.

She said that the leadership of PML-N was enjoying luxuries at Evan Field apartments at the cost of the poor. Imran Khan has been struggling for the better future of the nation’s next generations while Sharif family only thinks about itself and its children’s wellbeing, she added.