ISLAMABAD - Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Sunday said that the incumbent government would revamp the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) as a part of its health reform agenda, bringing it at par with the international regulatory agencies.

Addressing the 10th International Medical Conference 2019 organised by Medics International, Firdous said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is committed for the surgery of deteriorated health system of the country and heading toward bringing health reforms through public private partnership.

The role of DRAP in ensuring access of safe and quality medicines to the citizens on affordable prices is of prime importance and the incumbent government is transforming this authority on modern lines, she said.

Pakistan being an Islamic welfare state is responsible to provide quality medical facilities to its citizens, she said. However, poor patients being unable to get proper health care gave up their lives at the doors of the public hospitals which is quite painful, she stated.

She said that 90 percent doctors in the public hospitals are devoted to their cause, however, 10 percent are exploiting the poor patients.

90pc doctors in public hospitals are devoted to their cause, while 10pc are exploiting poor patients

Those doctors who studied medical from private colleges mostly belonged to the feudal families who just enter this field to maintain their status, having no association with the noble cause behind this profession, she said.

She further said that majority of these doctors employed in public hospitals wanted return of the huge investment their parents did on them through protesting on roads and forgetting the ultimate human cause of their profession.She said that Imran Khan is a social worker and his political career is deeply attached to the cause of humanity.

He established Shaukat Khanam Cancer Hospital for serving the poor segments of the society, she added.Imran Khan entered the Parliament through making the impossible possible and challenged the status quo thus overcoming all the resistance caused by his opponents, she added.

“If your leadership is committed to a cause then success is your destination”, she added.

Referring to the health challenges of infant and mother mortality rate, growing hepatitis, stunting growth etc. being faced by the citizens, Firdous Ashiq Awan reiterated the government’s commitment to provide all out support for restructuring the entire health system.

“The policy makers have to be hand in glove with implementers to accomplish this task”, she said.

She said that `prevention is better than cure’ and awareness about communicable and non-communicable diseases is indispensable for prevention of diseases.

“Adequate information about diseases should be part of academic syllabus”, she stated.The government is ready to restructure the old health system and introduce technological transformations, effective management system and merit-based hiring and promotions system through public-private partnership, she said.

The private organisations and overseas doctors would be provided conducive working environment to protect lives of poor suffering from the chronic diseases and such collaborations would be imperative to effectively implement the new health reforms across the country, Firdous said.

Speaking on the occasion, MI’s Founder, Dr Wajih Rizvi said that MI has carried out massive health care-based relief work within the country especially when the country faced a major natural calamity including earthquakes and floods in the recent past years.

He said this was the first ever international conference organised by MI in Pakistan with an aim to provide guidance to the students of Pakistani medical colleges regarding their goal to pursue more specialised education to become expert physicians and dentists in different fields of medicine.

Speakers including Professor Mulazim Bukhari, President MI Pakistan, Dr. Zulfiqar Kazmi, Scholar, Arshad Qayyumi, Cardiologist US, Dr. Dilbar Saeed, Dr Wajih Rizvi, Founder Medics International, Dr Huma Naqvi, Global President, Medics International also addressed on the occasion.