LAHORE - The Dilawar Hussain Foundation has served over 150,000 diabetic people through its healthcare programme since 2011 and spent over Rs53 million to support this programme, says a press release.  The foundation has established another Diabetes Management Centre on main Ferozepur Road, Lahore.  An Open House event was organised at Diabetes Management Centre situated 21-L, Gulberg-Ill, Ferozepur Road, which was attended by many leading members of the healthcare community, businessmen, civil society members and philanthropists.

The foundation has established a specialized diabetes medical care facility centre for the prompt diagnosis and early management of uncontrolled diabetes and the related complications.

It is a state of the art facility to provide diabetes care to patients irrespective of their affordability and financial circumstances. Needy patients will get free medicines and consultancy from the highly experienced and qualified medical staff. Chairperson Hassan Sheikh remarked, “The new Diabetes Management Centre in addition to routine diabetes cases is dealing with serious and most commonly observed complications of diabetes like “Diabetic Foot”. “We are providing services for early treatment to prevent amputation of limbs, thus helping people to prevent disability and let them live a healthy life,” he said.