Since previous couple of decades world has achieved major milestones in several fields like technology which helps to connect globally in nanosecond on the same way where the world is growing rapidly in all its aspects against it stress is also increasing drastically in the society from adolescent to late adulthood which thrives on depression, desolation and prime crime of suicide.

The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 800,000 people die by suicide every year, there are few major risk factors associated with suicide are loss of a loved one, poverty, hunger, joblessness, and other cultural and societal influences, horrifyingly Pakistan falls among one of the lowest numbers in the region 1 psychiatrist per 600,000 denizens and in rural parts of the country figure of per psychiatrist to inhabitants would be tripled.

Study has proven that the exceedingly usage of devices are disconnecting people physically which results desperation and mental illness. Increasing rate of suicide is an alarming situation which needs to be deemed as crime because every suicide that is committed is a murder, I request to parents, teachers and friend to spend time with people we are surrounded by instead of electronic devices so that the notorious rate can be minimized and I urge to the government to initiate school based moral, character building programs to mitigate its intensity.