The situation has become worst and people are also thinking to leave this place. Xinjiang mountains region in northwest china, is home to a number of ethnic minority groups including Uighurs, Tajiks and Tartars. China has repeatedly been accused of holding more than a million Muslims in concentration camps and persecuting the remaining 11 million living outside the camps in Xinjiang. By the end of Oct 23, Countries called for china to stop action in its so called “Education” camps.

Surprisingly 54 countries backed china’s administration of Xinjiang and its measure ensuring safety against terrorism including 14 members of organization of Islamic cooperation OIC.

The china cables investigation provides over a hundred documents revealing the heart wrenching and gruesome reality behind china so called educational centers. These centers mentally and physically control the inmates with extreme surveillance and locks on doors, corridors and are surrounded by fences making it possible for anyone to get out. BBC’s Richard Bilton confronted the Chinese ambassador to the UK, Liu Xioming.

The later labelled the leaked documents as “Fabricated” and told Bilton to not listen to fake news. Nevertheless the amounting evidence from the documents as well as witness reports are enough to portray the reality of china’s educational centers, but it seems that such evidence is still not enough for the world organizations to take action as Uighurs become the victims of another holocaust.

Will keep updating you with the situation ….till than take care.