A group of students sang the legendary poem Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanah written by Bismil Azimabadi in 1922 at the Faiz festival. They were protesting against the ban of student unions in universities. A vast majority of Pakistanis completely went haywire against the young girl and accused her of being an elitist desi liberal on social media.

It is ironic that people were quick to jump to conclusions about Arooj Aurangzeb and the entire student movement making assumptions such as labelling them as bourgeois, anti-state or unislamic. In the midst of fee hikes, harassment scandals and arrests from campuses, students across the country will come together for a Student Solidarity March on November 29 to demand better education and a fair academic environment. The students argue that no one should let their cynicism come in way of supporting the larger common cause. Further, they emphasize that they are marching against the system which labels us as “Terrorists” for demanding clean water on campus and puts us behind bars for opposing dictatorship of administration on campus.

They ask every Pakistani that Is demanding investment and reform in education a foreign agenda? Will Pakistan’s enemies benefit if our universities are vibrant & safe? Are the students fighting to save higher education committing treason? We must redefine patriotism in Pakistan. As solution to Pakistan’s problems lies in more and more politics, more and more democracy.