OKARA          -           A youth was stabbed to death over old enmity here the other day.  The police have registered as FIR with two nominated and four unidentified persons. According to police, Arsalan Azhar, son of Azhar Ali, resident of village Mangan went missing the other day. However, in the morning his dead body was found lying in Sugarcane fields. The police were informed and the dead body was carried to the hospital. The police said that the youth had been stabbed to death as there are clear signs of stabs on the body. The police have registered case against two nominated persons including Allah Ditta, son of Abdus Sattar, Sarfraz Ali s/o Zulfiqar and four unidentified persons. It has been learnt that the accused and the bereaved parties have locked in enmity since long.

The police, however, have launched investigation to ascertain the real motive behind the murder.