ADAM Smith in his seminal work Wealth of Nations (1776) explained British imperialism as being the result not because the British government comprised shopkeepers but because it was elected by shopkeepers Napoleon later mocked the English by calling them a nation of shopkeepers. Well, today the British Empire is no more but the rulers continue to be dominated by this shopkeeper mindset. This was displayed in its most grotesque representation by Prime Minister Cameron on his visit to India. In a desperate bid to secure business deals for the British, he went on a bizarre tirade against Pakistan declaring that it should not promote the export of terror, should not look both ways in Afghanistan and so on. And he got what he wanted from the Indians- a $1.1 billion defence deal as opening up of the market for British companies to get involved in nuclear deals with India. In the event, he was least bothered about the damage he was doing to Pakistan which has borne the brunt of the costs of the US-led war on terror and without which neither Britain nor the US would be able to do much for their soldiers in Afghanistan. Now that the WikiLeaks have exposed primarily the unsavoury activities of the British and US forces in both the US and UK are seeking to shift their failures on Pakistan. Even on terrorism, Cameron cannot be so devoid of British ground realities that he does not realise how the marginalised British Muslims are becoming radicalised in their frustration and anger and are therefore easy fodder for militant creeds. The fault lies within the British system. As for Pakistan looking two ways in Afghanistan, this is a joke given how the British are looking every which way they can in that country to extricate themselves from the military mess they have got stuck in Just as he informed the Indians that how it dealt with its neighbours was its own business, whatever options Pakistan chooses to retain in Afghanistan is its business alone. After all, when NATO and the US flee Afghanistan - and it will happen sooner rather than later - Pakistan will have to ensure its own interests and security in the region. This becomes ever more critical because of the arms build up in India courtesy the US and Britain. It is unfortunate that the British, to whom the historical roots of the Kashmir dispute must be attributed, refuse to work towards conflict resolution of this core issue and instead give encouragement to Indian militarism. Most shameful is the Pakistan governments official response reflecting a pusillanimity which shows officialdom is still afflicted with a subservient mindset towards its ex-colonial masters. But the Pakistani nation cannot brook such insults and Cameron must remember he cannot look both ways in Pakistan - expect support from Pakistanis and the Pakistani state while abusing them shamelessly to woo Indian business