LAHORE (PR) - Pakistan Railway Employees Prem Union President Hafiz Sulman Butt has said that corrupt bureaucracy and other government officials are trying to ruin Pakistan Railways for their nefarious designs. He was addressing at a protest rally taken out by PR workers against Railways privatisation and stopping of 5 per cent deduction here at Washing Line on Thursday. He said that PR workers would struggle their level best to continue present department system at any cost and all conspiracies against the privatisation of PR would be thwarted with the unity of workers. He said that he had started revolutionary struggle to solve the problems of PR labours. Workers would not let those officers to sit in their respective offices who would try to deprive labours of their due rights, he added. On this occasion, Central Vice-President Sheikh Muhammad Anwar, Lahore Station Zone President Iftikhar Ali Khan, Qazi Abdul Wadood and others also addressed the rally. They pledged that PR labours have come out to get their rights under the leadership of Hafiz Sulman Butt and now no evil force could usurp the privileges and rights of Pakistan Railways workers.