KARACHI The car of a senior sports journalist of a leading Urdu newspaper was allegedly vandalised by workers of an auto workshop located at Hockey Club of Pakistan here the other day on petty issue of parking the vehicle. The reporter Rashid Siddiqui went to the HCP on Wednesday evening to report the opening of the Quaid-e-Azam Cup Hockey and parked his car close to the auto workshop. The workers of the shop objected to it as if the land belonged to them and asked the reporter not to park his car. As there was no space to park the car elsewhere Siddiqui parked his car and went inside the stadium to inform the PHF administrator of the HCP former Olympian Iftekhar Syed. When a PHF officials came out to talk to the owners of the workshop, they saw that one of the side mirrors was vandalised and a worker was trying to damage the car. He, however, stopped when the PHF official interfered but one of the persons who claimed he was co-owner of the workshop and gave his name as Adeel, threatened the journalists and said he could make his car disappear. This is not for the first time the workers of the auto workshop have behaved like this with the journalistic fraternity. In the past, a number of times, they had stopped journalists and other PHF guests from parking their vehicles on the road which passes in front of the workshop. Their behaviour with the guests some times has been highly objectionable. Workshops are opened in such a way that their customers habitually park cars on public areas and no govt action is taken against them. The workshop owners behave in thuggish manners if reminded that this place do not belong to them. The PHF rented out the place to the auto workshop when Col Mudassar Asghar was the secretary of the PHF. The Saddar Cantonment Board, which owns the land on which the HCP was built 38 years ago, has also objected to the presence of the workshop in the past. The future of the HCP is uncertain. It has been learnt that in December 2010, the extended lease of the HCP will lapse and the PHF, which runs the HCP, would need another extension. Former Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Jamali had used his official influence to get the lease extended. The PHF would need intervention of current Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to get second extension. Area around the HCP, which was once marked for making second hockey stadium and a PHF academy, has already been turned into residential multi-storied flats for services personnel.