WASHINGTON (AFP/Reute-rs) US Vice President Joe Biden said in an interview aired Thursday that Pakistans intelligence agency was 'chan-ging in its behaviour towards Afghanistan, following leaked claims it aided extremists. Biden downplayed documents which suggested that between 2004 and 2009, elements of Pakistans Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), armed, trained and financed the Taliban despite Islamabads anti-terror alliance with Washington. Im getting very close to what I shouldnt be talking about in terms of classificatio-n, said Biden on NBCs Today show. But what was talked about in those leaks were the intelligence community within the ISI. That is the sort of the CIA of Pakistan. That has been a problem in the past. It is a pro-blem were dealing with and is changing. Biden argued that documents leaked by the web whistleblower Wikileaks, published by three news organisations on Sunday, predate the new US Afghan policy announced by President Barack Obama in December. There are not monies being diverted from the public works and economic projects that are needed to sustain a democracy in Pakistan to the bad guys that exist within Pakistan, he said. Theres not money being diverted from the military purposes that are designed to deal with counter-terrorism to those areas. Biden said the United States was not in Afghanistan to 'nation-build but for the sole purpose of defeating Al-Qaeda in the border areas with Pakistan. Laying out the reasoning behind its Afghanistan policy, Biden said it was not to create a US-style democracy but to eliminate Al-Qaeda, which is blamed for the 2001 attacks against the United States. We are in Afghanistan for one express purpose ... the Al-Qaeda that exists in those mo-untains between Afghanistan and Pakistan, he said in interview with NBCs Today sho-w. We are not there to nation-build. We are not out there deciding we are going to turn this into a Jeffersonian democracy and build that country. We made it clear, we are not there for 10 years, he said. Obama was set to meet his national security team later on Thursday, a regular monthly session to discuss Afghanistan and Pakistan, the White House said.