LAHORE The City District Government Lahore (CDGL) has approved its budget for the fiscal year 2010-11 estimating income at Rs 18096.815 million as against expenditures of Rs 18069.495 million, leaving Rs 27.32 million as surplus amount. CDGL Administrator and DCO Sajjad Ahmed Bhutta has granted final approval to the budget which would be announced during the next couple of days. Major chunk of the budget will be utilised in meeting non-developmental expenditures while only ongoing schemes have been accommodated in the Annual Development Programme (ADP). The CDGL has allocated Rs 13521.574 million for payment of salaries to employees and other non-developmental expenditures while Rs 4547.921 million has been earmarked for carrying out development projects under the ADP, interestingly all ongoing schemes. As many as Rs 3128.35 million will be utilised to adjust 50 per cent increase in salaries, raise in medical allowance and 15 to 20 per cent increase in pension of retired employees. As per the estimates, Rs 2237.769 million will be utilised in meeting additional expenses in the wake of raise in salaries, Rs 335.581 million in payment of medical allowance and Rs 555 million in payment of pension. The CDGL has allocated Rs 6465.017 million for education, Rs 1407.027 million for health, Rs 2458.292 million for municipal services, Rs 991.450 million for works and services, Rs 204.563 million for agriculture, Rs 105.259 million for DCO office and Rs 20.53 million for Administrator office. Under the Punjab Finance Commission (PFC) Award 2010, the CDGL will get Rs 9824.789 million from provincial resources to meet its expenditures in the fiscal year 2010-11. The CDGL will generate Rs 1823.227 million from its own resources while it will get Rs 1355.796 million from Octroi grant and Rs 36.256 million as supplementary development grant. With the purpose to reduce unnecessary spending, the CDGL has decided not to spend any amount on purchase of furniture and other such things except for educational institutions. No new vehicle will be purchased while no building will be taken on rent for any government office. Besides avoiding unnecessary purchase of machinery, special measures will be taken to reduce establishment charges to minimum level.