ISLAMABAD The formation of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) in Azad Jammu and Kashmir may start the demise of the ruling Muslim Conference (MC) in AJK. On one hand, the PML-N formation in AJK would adversely affect the vote bank of Muslim Conference, while on the other hand some key leaders of the ruling party who are strongly backed by PML-N - would join the latter to pose a change for PPP-backed AJK Govt. Some legislators from other parties are also likely to voice support for PML-N. Informed quarters believe that a no-confidence move would be tabled against Speaker Legislative Assembly AJK, Shah Ghulam Qadir, in near future to oust him from the office. The Prime Minister AJK Sardar Attique would reportedly sponsor the same move. Ghulam Qadir is known as a close associate of former PM Raja Farooq Haider and is supported by PML-N. Qadir along with Farooq Haider is expected to join PML-N soon. On account of his close association with Raja Farooq Haider, the AJK Government, with the patronage of Pakistan Peoples Party, is all set to replace Qadir with a candidate of its choice for the speakership. An exhibition of Qadirs mounting differences with AJK Government was reflected on Thursday when he, in an expression of solidarity with Raja Farooq, did not participate in the voting process prior to Attiques oath taking ceremony as PM AJK. Another factor that would enormously affect the vote bank of Muslim Conference entails the shift of Muslim Conferences vote bank to Muslim League in the AJK-specified electoral constituencies in Punjab. Muslim Conference has a significant vote bank in central Punjab, from where the AJK candidates contest on allocated seats for Azad Jammu and Kashmirs Legislative Assembly. With the formation of PML-N in AJK, the substantial support that Muslim Conference had in these areas would go to PML-N. Moreover the expected support of Barrister Sultan Mehmood for PML-N would be yet another tough challenge for Muslim Conference. It is anticipated that either Sultans Peoples Muslim League (PML) would merge into PML-N or it would voice unconditional support for the N-League. The support of strong political figures for PML-N in AJK against the PPP-backed Attiques government would bring the two arch political foes at loggerheads in AJK. Member Executive and former convenor All Parties Hurriyat Conference, Yousuf Naseem, supports a united Muslim Conference. He cites Quaid-e-Azam as connoting Muslim League with Muslim Conference on different occasions. Muslim League and Muslim Conference are two facets of the same coin but Muslim Conference should stay intact. "A united Muslim Conference is all we need, Naseem tells TheNation. Every political party in Pakistan has a right to step into AJKs politics. I think that Pakistan should support the political process in AJK but decision making should be left with AJKs leadership solely, he adds.