The American Secretary of State has claimed that Osama is in Pakistan and that some Pakistani officials have knowledge of the fact. The statement has shocked every Pakistani. One wonders from where the Secretary has got the information. There are only two possibilities. Either the Secretary let loose her spies in Pakistan without the governments knowledge or she concocted the myth herself. Being an American politician, she firmly believes that every American politician has a divine right to interfere in any countrys internal affairs. The Secretary must know that Osama and his companions wear beards. The major parts of their faces are hidden underneath their thick beards. Only their eyes and noses are open to view. And the eyes and noses have astonishing resemblances. Even a microscope would find it difficult to distinguish Osama from his companions from a distance? Only the Devil knows. How did the Secretary come to believe that Osama was in Pakistan? Probably, when she was flying over Pakistan, she looked through the aeroplanes window. She saw a large group of bearded fellows walking about in the mountains. Her eyes informed her that one of the group was Osama himself. Obviously, she could not distrust her eyes. She ought to have told the American General to fire an atomic missile at the group. But she was so stunned that she could not do so. She missed a golden opportunity of crushing Osama. So far, America has killed innumerable bearded persons in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Each individual was killed because he looked like Osama. Consequently, every bearded Pakistani and Afghani keeps looking at the sky when he is walking about. He apprehends that any moment an American missile could transmute him into ashes. Are not these indiscriminate killings of innocent bearded persons crimes against humanity? Only the Devil knows. Even if America succeeded in killing Osama, it wouldnt be Osamas extinction. It would only be a separation of his body from his soul. America can kill Osamas body. But it cant kill his soul. Osamas soul cannot be killed because it is an ideology. America can kill ideologist. But it cant kill their ideologies. Osama is accused of killing about 3,000 innocent New Yorkians. Since the New York incident, America has been hunting for Osama in Afghanistan. So far, the hunting has failed either to kill or to capture Osama. But in the process, innumerable innocent Afghani men, women and children have been killed by America. But, unfortunately, America believes that these killings are not compensation for the New York killings. The killings continue. Probably, America is determined to exterminate the entire population of Afghanistan as a compensation for the New York killings. The Secretary is extremely angry because the Pakistani officials have not revealed to her Osamas residence. The Secretary should know that everybody in the world knows that Osama is living somewhere in the mountainous regions between Pakistan and Afghanistan. But he has no specific residence. The entire region is his residence. Actually, he carries his residence on his head and wander about with it. The moment he gets tired he puts his residence down, enters it and goes to sleep. The Secretarys annoyance with the Pakistani officials is understandable. Since she herself has a specific residence, she logically believes that Osama must also be having a specific residence. The Secretary should know that Osama does not have a specific residence. Since the entire mountainous region is his residence, in order to kill him, America should destroy all the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan. So far, America failed to hook Osama. It is not the American forces fault. Actually, it is the Afghan forces which are responsible for the failure. Every Afghan soldier knows every bit of the region where Osama keeps wandering about. But the Afghanistan forces are not sincerely assisting the Americans. America must punish Afghanistan. It can punish Afghanistan by imposing sanctions on it. And since the Pakistani officials have not taken the Secretary into confidence about Osamas residence, sanctions should also be imposed on Pakistan. The writer is an academic.