KARACHI - Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that both Pakistan and India have realised that to promote dialogue was in the best interest of both the countries, which could lead to resolving differences in the future. He was talking to the media here on Thursday at Arts Council where he presided over a farewell hosted for Pakistani youth delegation which would leave soon for Turkey to attend the 5th World Youth Congress in Istanbul starting from July 31st. Pakistan would take steps permitted in the dialogue framework with India for confidence-building measures and bridging the gulf between the two countries because it was also in the interest of the region, he maintained. The Foreign Minister said that the prime ministers of both the countries had agreed in Bhutan to resume dialogue as they see it as the only way forward to resolve disputes. Pakistan was ready to begin dialogue as and when required by India, Qureshi stressed. However, as we respect Indian concerns on many issues like terrorism while Pakistan would also like that India should also pay attention on Pakistani concerns like situation in Kashmir, water issue, Sir Creek and Siachen, he added. Responding to a question about Afghanistan, he said that most of the Afghan war stalwarts had left Pakistan for other places due to a large-scale operation of Pakistanis forces on the borders. NATO forces have also lauded the efforts of Pakistan government and its Armed Forces, he remarked. Afghan President Hamid Karzai has also appreciated Pakistans effort during my recent meeting with him in Kabul. Afghan President has also acknowledged Pakistans cooperation in that meeting and expressed the feelings that his country has benefitted from these relations. 'I am satisfied with this meeting, he observed. Qureshi said that Pakistan made the largest deployment of its forces on its Western borders. More than 150,000 troops are deployed in the border areas and about 1,000 borders posts have been created. These steps will benefit both Pakistan and Afghanistan, he said. He said that Pakistan understands that a stable and prosperous Afghanistan is in its interest. Replying to a question about Afghan Transit Trade agreement, the Foreign Minister said that this issue has been clarified and there is no mention of India in this agreement. This is a bilateral agreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This confusion should end now, he noted. Talking about the promises made by the FoDP in Tokyo, he said that Pakistan has already received 2.2 billion dollars out of 5.2 billion dollars pledge, he said and ,added, that remaining amount from the countries will be received by October this year when the FODP meets again in Brussels. He said that US and Japan had already requested these countries to pay their pledged amount before the next meeting in Brussels in October this year. He ,however, made it clear that FoDP was not a platform to raise funds. It is a forum to get political and diplomatic support for Pakistan. It was a coincidence that the meetings of FoDP and fund-raising conference are being held in Japan at the same time, he added. To a question, about Dr.Aafia Siddiqui, he said Pakistan has provided all possible financial, moral and legal support to her. He said Pakistan was taking all steps for her defence so that she can come back home.