LAHORE - The senior central leader of PML-Q Ch Parvez Elahi has alleged contrary to claims to date, Punjab is under a heavy debt of over Rs100 billion and the Punjab govts announcement in the recently concluded PA session of brining the provincial over draft back to zero by June 30th has proved to be a blatant lie. Talking to senior party leaders here on Thursday, he further said the corrupt rulers, after rendering Punjab bankrupt, were now busy in an illegal squandering of local govts funds. He also accused Punjab CM of having posted his trusted henchmen in Gujranwala to replicate the Gujrat election rigging plan. Elahi said the ruling mafia was all set to hit the poor man with a new flood of inflation during the forthcoming holy month of Ramazan. He charged the incumbent Punjab govt of being a collaborator with the food mafia and profiteering at the expense of the poor and helpless people of Punjab. Strongly condemning the Punjab govts alleged failure in curbing crimes, Pervaiz said 273 robberies had taken place in the last 4 days in City alone. Slamming at the Punjab govts claim of bringing the provincial over draft back to zero by June 30th, Elahi said behind the facade of such false promises the rulers after emptying the provincial treasury were now busy eating up the funds allocated for local govts. He called this act of the Punjab govt as nothing less than criminal as the local Govts funds were meant for solving the problems at the grass roots. He said government failed in controlling the devastation caused during the ongoing moon soon season due to the non-availability of funds at the local level. Parvez Elahi declared the success of PML supported candidate in Sargodha (PP-34) bye-election as historic and said that the result was indicative of a strong public dislike for N-League in Punjab.