LAHORE - Abundance of sunshine, lack of winds and high level of humidity turned the weather muggy, causing the Lahorites to sweat profusely throughout the day on Thursday. The light rains failed to provide any relief to the people from harsh weather conditions with high temperature and humidity adding to their woes and miseries. On Thursday, maximum and minimum temperature in the City was recorded 37 degree Celsius and 26.8 c respectively. Relative humidity in the morning was recorded 85 percent, which decreased to 58 percent in the evening. Lahore canal attracted a large number of people including women and children. Not only youths but also elderly people were seen beating the heat by taking a bath in the canal water. At some places even women were seen taking a dip in the mud colous canal water. According to the experts, well marked seasonal low lies over Balochistan and adjoining areas. Strong monsoon current from Arabian Sea is penetrating into sub mountainous areas of Punjab and Kashmir upto 5000 feet. Local meteorological department has forecast cloudy weather with chances of rain for the City during the next 24 hours. Met office has forecast widespread rain with isolated heavy falls for Punjab, Khyber PK, north-eastern parts of Balochistan and Kashmir. Scattered rains are also expected over Gilgit-Baltistan and Sindh.