LAHORE - In a letter to the registrar of Lahore High Court, the District Bar Association Rawalpindi has painted a deplorable picture of some lawyers of the District Bar Association Lahore who showed 'disrespect to District & Sessions Judge Lahore Sheikh Zawar Ahmad in his court. Later, through office of the LHC registrar, the letter/resolution of the Rawalpindi bar was sent to Chief Justice Lahore High Court Khawaja Muhammad Sharif. In the letter, the Rawalpindi bar praised the conduct, integrity and honesty of the D&SJ in flowery words and demanded that he should not be transferred to any place merely on 'demand of few lawyers of the City. In any case if the LHC chief justice thinks it must to transfer D&SJ Sheikh Zawar Ahmad due to any reason, he should be posted as D&SJ Rawalpindi because the Rawalpindi bar will be obliged to have an honest judge in the city. Earlier, the executive committee of the Rawalpindi bar passed a resolution on July 26 in the favour of district & sessions judge Lahore and against the lawyers of the District Bar Association Lahore who 'misbehaved with the judge. The resolution said the executive committee unanimously resolved in the following manner: the executive committee DBA Rawalpindi in its meeting shows its displeasure on the conduct of the some lawyers belonging to the DBA Lahore, whereby they showed discourtesy and disrespect to the judicial officers, especially the learned District & Sessions Judge Sheikh Zawar Ahmad who is enjoying very good reputation in the eyes of right-thinking lawyers and the litigants, and further demands the learned sessions judge Lahore should continue his office at Lahore as a district & sessions judge and the demand of his transfer is illegal, uncalled for and amounts to discouragement of the honest, upright, competent and dutiful judicial officers. During the meeting, the learned members of the executive committee also appreciated the period of posting of Sheikh Zawar Ahmad as Civil Judge in Rawalpindi for three years when he performed his judicial duties honestly, fairly and without any complaint of corruption and malpractice.